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  • Contact Details - Customer queries - Account & payment queries 1300 727 533 - Customer queries Head Office: 10 Downing St, Spring Hill, QLD 4000 | Get Parked QLD Pty Ltd ABN: 38 617 322 817 | | Love our service? Say thanks with a 5-star Google Review.
  • How does monthly parking work?
    Work or live in the city and need a space to frequently park or store your car? Monthly parking is for you! Get Parked manages a variety of spaces in and around Brisbane inner-city suburbs, turning vacant space into the perfect regular parking space for you. Save time in the morning, head straight to a car park and save money by signing up monthly. Simple month-to-month agreements, we make it flexible for you to cancel anytime with one months notice.
  • Casual Park n Pay Online
    On certain sites, casual parking is an option. This is for those who wish to park as a one off or for a short period of time. Either onsite or find the space online Follow the booking form steps Receive an email confirmation Park Authorised :) We STRONGLY encourage for sites that are NOT secure, to only book when you are on site and have parked. Casual bookings are not guaranteed a spot even if booking in advance.
  • What Venue Hire options do you have?
    Get Parked manages warehouses and carparks during the week. During the evenings and weekends, these spaces come available for venue hire. Enquire Book Use These spaces are not suitable for loud event or music parties that go past 10pm. See our Venue Hire Page for more information on this.
  • Update Card Details
    Customers can update their card details here: Please let us know when this is done by emailing us at so we can update your account. If you have troubles submitting your details, it may be due to your browser, internet connection or firewall. The Get Parked Team can update your details over the phone if you call 1300 727 533.
  • Our Billing Process
    Customers pay for the service for the month in advance (1st to the last day of the next month). Invoices are emailed out on the 7th of each month and direct debited on the 21st. The first invoice will always be different as it may include a prorata calculation for the current month and the following month in the same invoice as well as the standard $100 refundable bond.
  • What's involved in signing up?
    Signing up is easy! Enquire about the service you're after or click "Book Now" on the map or website listing. This will take you to one form which includes your contact details, booking summary, setting up a payment method and signing an agreement.
  • How to cancel your service
    Simple. Just let us know one month in advance for when you would like to cancel. We understand that circumstances change and that you may not need your car park forever. We require at least one-months written notice of your intention to cancel. To provide your cancellation notice please email us. Remember, we have many sites available across Brisbane and may have another suitable location for you, so do not hesitate to ask! On occasion, you may be able to vacate sooner if another parker is available to take over your bay prior to your notice period. Send your request in writing to If you received an access card, key or any other physical device upon commencement, you are required to return the device to us before we refund your bond. Please note, lost access devices incur replacement costs. You can return it in person or send via post to: 31 Doggett St, Teneriffe QLD 4005
  • Access Instructions
    Before your commencement, we will be in touch with access instructions. Most indoor and/or secure sites require you to phone an access number. Some sites, may require you to collect and use an access pass/remote. Your agreement may include a reserved space. In this case, you must only use the space allocated to your account. If your space is unavailable for any reason, please phone the customer service team to be allocated an alternative. We almost always have a backup option for customers who are inconvenienced by an unauthorised person parking in their spot. For unreserved bookings, customers may use any ‘Get Parked’ space that is not signed as ‘reserved’ with a business name or registration number.
  • What parking signs do I look out for?
    Our services are available in many different locations around Brisbane. Some sites have clear signage, others may not display signs. This will be clarified in your access instructions. The below images depict our warning/reserved signs. Please make yourself familiar with these.
  • I need to update my vehicle details
    It's vital all vehicle registration details are correct as it is the source for being authorised. Failure to notify us of your new registration may result in being warned or towed. We’ll also need to know the name and contact details if the car is driven by someone else. Please notify us even if it is just a temporary vehicle to avoid being towed. Use this format: 000XXX | TYPE OF VEHICLE [ParkerName | Number] Notify us about a new vehicle or user here (Contact our Customer Service Team)
  • Can I temporarily pause my account? I'm going away for a few weeks.
    Unfortunately, we do not completely pause accounts for any period of time as our monthly agreements are comparable to renting property. We have the following options to assist with short vacancies (valid only for parking bays at selected sites). 1. Invite a friend to use your space - no notice needed. Keep your bay and help a friend. Just send their name, phone number & vehicle registration. 2. Bay Vacay Rate* - 1 month notice required. Every 3 months, parking customers will accumulate 1 week towards a Bay Vacay with up to 4 weeks available in a 12 month period. The Bay Vacay Rate is 50% of the current rate* for the period of time the customer is away (up to the Vacay time the parker has accrued). Example: A customer’s monthly rate equates to $50/wk and they have provided one month notice to Vacay for 2 weeks. The Vacay credit equals 50% of the full rate per week meaning two $25 weekly credits will apply. As accounts are paid in advance, the $50 credit will be applied to the following months’ invoice. If you wish to use the Bay Vacay Rate, please provide the dates you will be away with at least one month notice. Please note: Option 1 and 2 cannot be used concurrently. *Conditions apply - not available at all locations
  • Can someone else use my bay?
    Yes. You are more than welcome to share your bay with a friend/colleague, you just need to provide us with their details. Send us an email ( with their name, phone number, email, vehicle registration number & vehicle make/model/colour. You may add as many vehicles to your account as you need, as long as you are only using the space you have booked.
  • Troubleshooting - What to do if there is an issue onsite.
    If you have any other urgent questions or concerns affecting your experience, please call us on 1300 727 533 so that we can address them immediately. I can’t get into a secure site (Gate not working?) Refer to the access instructions that were sent out prior to your commencement date If access is via a phone call - Wait 2 minutes and try again. Secure access usually runs off a phone network and occasionally, just as a mobile phone might, it can drop out of service temporarily. Call our main line on 1300 727 533 option 2 or Text 0450 727 563 (our operations phone) with your name, access issue and location in the text so that we can respond and provide you with a solution. There are no car parks available Please phone us right away if there are no spaces available so that we may have the opportunity to offer you a solution. To help us identify unauthorised vehicles faster, take a video or pictures spanning all the registration numbers on site. Text the picture/video to 0450 727 563 along with the location address and our team will run the checks ASAP. Someone is in my reserved bay! Take a photo of the car (and registration number) that is parked in your bay. Text the picture/s to 0450 727 563 with your name and location and we will provide you an alternative parking solution Has the site been left untidy and/or unsafe? Call 1300 727 533 or email with a picture and description so that we can lodge a maintenance request. Is your allocated bay unsuitable for you? Text or call 1300 727 533 to explain the issue that you are having with your bay so that we can provide you with a solution as soon as possible Has someone hit your car? Selected car parks may have CCTV footage available to us, however, as your agreement states, we take no responsibility for the damages incurred on site. We will of course do whatever we can to assist you, including sending appeals for information to other customers.
  • How does payment/invoicing work?
    How will I be invoiced? You will be emailed an invoice one calendar month in advance on the 7th. It is necessary to pay for the service prior to the commencement of each month. Upon your first payment, you will also be charged your refundable bond amount (standard is $100). If you have started part-way through a month, your first month’s invoice will be reconciled with a pro-rata charge. This means your first invoice may be larger than expected as your initial charges may be for one part-month and one full month in advance. Example: Commencing on 14 May at $200/mth (ie only using 18 days in May) Pro Rata Use = 18 (days) / 31 (days in the month) = 58% Pro Rata Rate = 58% (pro rata use) x $200 (monthly rate incl GST) = $116.13 Example of first invoice to be paid before commencement May Total = $116.13 June Total = $200 Refundable Bond = $100 Total = $416.13 inc GST When will payment be processed? The monthly payment for your service is processed on the 21st of each month. Your first invoice is generally issued upon completion of your agreement. You will then receive your subsequent monthly invoices on the 7th of each and every month. Our accounts team will send them to your nominated email address. Additional email addresses can be CC’d if required. I need to update my payment details Recently got a new card? No worries, update your payment details here
  • What are the Car Park Entry Terms & Conditions?
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