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Our Story

About Get Parked

Brisbane is one of the ten most expensive cities to park globally. With limited and unreliable public transport, so many of us prefer to drive and often find the alternatives impossible. That can be problematic...

Get Parked realise how quickly transport is changing and that there is no such thing as the ultimate solution! One simple solution however, was to simply unlock existing unused real estate to create clever and very convenient parking solutions. By rethinking Brisbane’s parking problem in this way, Get Parked provides great value spots for commuters as well as unlocking revenue streams for property owners with underutilised space.

Founded in 2013 by resident Parking Guru, Steve Gilbert, Get Parked initially helped people find low cost and handy spots in the CBD through the existing parking operators. In early 2014, Steve’s persistence in trying to find a solution in South Brisbane paid off when struck by the crazy idea of using a dormant and derelict development site on Cordelia Street.


Buoyed by the success of the first activation, Steve went on the hunt for more sites, satisfied thousands of customers and built an amazing team around him. Possibly the most compelling part is the fact that customer number one from May 2013 is still an active and very satisfied monthly customer!

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